Assemble all types of fluid handling components with reliable process verification for high quality and low total cost


 Standard concept - Assembling machine with empty tool plate

Standard concept
- Exchangeable tool plates with automatic identification
- Electric height adjustable frame with lockable wheels
- Complete workstation with illumination and protective glass around the workplace
- High safety with light barriers and a possibility to start the cycle automatically when the operator leaves the protected area
- Vision inspection, leak testing, and torque applications is fully integrated in the machine control system
- LantzTech standard control system with the EtherCAT industrial bus 
- Parts can be marked with serial number and data can be stored locally or on external servers
- Full support via the internet
- Full integration with robots for loading/unloading or for internal use in the machine fixture


LantzTech standard machine control system with all information and functionality you need. Interface in your own language.



Assembling machines for tubes & hoses, brackets with bolt tightening etc.


Exchangeable tool plate with assembling station and leak test station. Verification with cameras, sensors etc.



Assembling station for hose assembly with verification system.


Assembling of bolts with quality control - torque and revolutions monitoring.



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