As we have been in business for over 30 years we've made a lot of custom machinery.


Automatic marking of ferrules/sleeves.

Flushing and leak test of 2/3-port valves


Tube loading equipment: Loading from tube magazine or pickup direct from pallet


Assembling, verification, leak test, laser marking and counting/weighing of final parts. 


Electric assembling of TOX clips on tube with fixtures for correct orientation.

Assembly station for material on a battery box



Automatic machine: Hydraulic forming of very short tubes and roll forming after. Measuring in the last station with automatic adjustment of rolling diameters.


CNC rollforming of tubes from inside. Diameter and position of the beads can be programmed.

Automatic measuring: XY-table machine with 3D measuring of injection rails. Works as a Go-NoGo fixture for these parts with correction data and statistic data output. 100% of the production can be measured.

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