Machine with crimp heads PE40 and insert system for the tubes. All electric with force monitoring/verification system.


Typical double crimping setup with dual crimp heads, insert/orientation fixtures for the tubes and hose clamps.


Machine with dual PE80 (80 tonne) crimp heads for bigger industrial hydraulic hoses. Electrical height adjustable frame.

Verification: The insert and crimp cycle is monitored with our SFM system, limits can be set on all force curves. Cycle data can be stored against serial number or similar.


Open electric crimp heads PE30 (30 tonne) - PE40 (40 tonne) - PE80 (80 tonne)



Small dimensions

Our crimp head PE30 is the smallest open crimp head on the market. Size is important when you crimp hose assemblies with complicated geometry. 

In some cases we can also adjust the tool cassette or crimp head to fit a special product. 



Accessories for the crimp heads. All are the same independent of crimp head size.


Conventional crimp heads

We can also supply conventional crimp heads for simpler applications. These can be pneumatic or electric. Common for all is the very thin design which also make them good for use in robot cells or similar automatic applications.



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