Our standard concept for brazing: 

  • -  Brazing in protected atmosphere
  • -  All setting in one place
  • -  Easy changeable tools, water cooled
  • -  Orientation fixture mounted on tool tower with guide holes
  • -  Pneumatic clamp fixture for fitting, banjo etc
  • -  Chamber for protective gas in T-slot



All settings in one place, the machine control interface, nothing on the induction unit or other accessories.

You can setup each step as you like: Power mode, power, temperature limit, gas flow in chamber, tube flow, air flow and inductor position if the machine is equipped with a CNC controlled inductor.

Each article also has fixture data, RFID information, pyrometer position etc included in the configuration.

The machine on left has a CNC controlled inductor and can also change the inductor automatically. This concept minimizes setup time and makes sure correct tools are in use. It's an optimal concept for small batches with many different articles to produce.

The CNC control of the inductor also has another advantage: The inductor can be moved during the cycle in order to optimize the brazing operation itself.



Machine with 2+2 individual stations. The operator loads/unloads on one side while the other side runs. These machines can also be fitted for use with robots.

Complete tool set for a CNC operated machine.


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